Welcome to Zivot

Zivot is an advanced time management and productivity tool that can be used by individuals or organizations for project management, collaboration, time tracking or personal or professional sharing. Zivot helps you be more productive, and in less time.

How Zivot works

Zivot helps you keep track of exactly how you spend your time. But it's much more than that. Zivot shows you, in vivid interactive displays, the exact proportion of time you are spending on various activities, and whether you are spending enough time on the activities that truly matter.

Proportion of time spent
Touch any section of the pie chart to see data.
Importance vs. time spent, scale of 0-5
Touch any column of the bar chart to see data.
In the example above, importance level 5 is on target, but importance evel 4 is rather low, and importance levels 3 and 2 are too high. Time to make some adjustments to your schedule!

Ease of Use

Using Zivot is easy. Just enter activities you'd like to track, then press "start" and "end" either on your phone, or on the web site.

cell phone

Zivot does all the heavy lifting the background, recording the exact start and stop time of your sessions, calculating their duration, and analyzing the data.

That's when the fun begins, because Zivot presents you with detailed visual displays of your time use data: pictures of your life, but built from your data.

Exercise: last 10 sessions

Touch any data point to show exact minutes.

Zivot can tell you how much time you've spent on any activity in the past 7 days, 14 days, or any other time period, and can then present a "gauge" that tells you how close you are to your target.

Journal & Info Retrieval

In addition to all this, Zivot includes a journal with which you can quickly and easily recover all kinds of information from your life instantly. Just talk into your phone or type into the journal, mentioning any information you might want to retrieve later.

Zivot can instantly retrieve anything you said or wrote, with exact dates and times, number of instances, and more.

When did you file that expense report? Zivot can tell you. When did you last exercise, and what did you do? Zivot can tell you. When did you go to that restaurant? Zivot can tell you.

Zivot user guide

Zivot includes a complete built-in user guide accessible from the main navigation throughout the app.